Azure Networking 101 for Software Developers

Wessel Loth Wessel Loth 25 minutes

If you're a software developer who enjoys running code on Azure like me, you've likely used compute services like App Services, Functions, Container Apps or even Azure Kubernetes Service. But if you've ever clicked around in the portal and manually created resources, you'll have noticed there's a whole wide world out there when it comes to deploying networking-related resources, but you don't know where to start if you want to learn more about them. In this blogpost, I'll explain a few of the core concepts about networking in my own terms: those of a Software Developer. In a way they make sense for me, and hopefully for you too so you can take the next step in your Azure learning journey!

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Preventing Azure Container Apps from restarting when deploying IaC

Wessel Loth Wessel Loth 10 minutes

Azure Container Apps is a very powerful Kubernetes-like compute offering, where you can scale containers horizontally in an easy and accessible way, without having to have a deep understanding of the underlying Kubernetes platform. However, as it's a relatively new option in Azure, there's not tons of examples and best practices defined. The coming months I'll be shared tidbits of knowledge and useful examples for those diving deeper into Azure Container Apps!

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