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Hey there! I'm a techno-wizard with an insatiable curiosity for the future of software development. As a firm believer that great tech begins with an awesome team, I'm all about enhancing engineering culture and boosting the knowledge levels within organizations. You'll catch me sharing my thoughts on the latest tools, frameworks, and all things related to software development on my blog.

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Five tips for public speaking as a (starting) Software Developer

There's no way to say this nicely: I've historically always hated speaking in public. Up until my professional life, speaking in front of a group was always paired with anxiety and disinterest in the subject matter. In hindsight, this makes total sense: during your educational years you definitely get some experience in presenting or speaking, but it's rarely ever about a subject you're passionate about. Always about a certain topic like politics, a book or something like your pet hamster. Not really subjects I can enthusiastically talk about!

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