Everything you need to know about Azure Public & Private DNS

Wessel Loth Wessel Loth 24 minutes

While we can all understand IP addresses, it's much nicer to work with domain names to interact with compute resources. There's many ways to manage your DNS records, where most commonly people manage it through their domain registrar portals. But did you know you can manage just about everything in Azure as well? In this post, I'll cover the basics of both public and private DNS zones in Azure, and show you how what Azure brings to the table to make your life easier.

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Azure Networking 101 for Software Developers

Wessel Loth Wessel Loth 25 minutes

If you're a software developer who enjoys running code on Azure like me, you've likely used compute services like App Services, Functions, Container Apps or even Azure Kubernetes Service. But if you've ever clicked around in the portal and manually created resources, you'll have noticed there's a whole wide world out there when it comes to deploying networking-related resources, but you don't know where to start if you want to learn more about them. In this blogpost, I'll explain a few of the core concepts about networking in my own terms: those of a Software Developer. In a way they make sense for me, and hopefully for you too so you can take the next step in your Azure learning journey!

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