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Hi! I’m Wessel.

I’m a full stack developer, endlessly curious about the future of software development. Ever since I was young I loved playing around with computers, modding games and creating silly applications. This passion has grown into my career, where I now help companies build maintainable systems that are understandable, testable and scalable. I mainly focus on building cool stuff with .NET, Azure and Angular, but I never shy away from learning something new!

Next to the technical aspect of running a complex system, I’m also very interested in what makes a healthy engineering culture tick. I’m all about empowering teams with the right tools and mandates to excel and accelerate your business. (Personal) leadership is just as interesting as tech to me, and I try to help every colleague in my team grow not just on a technical level, but also as a person.

You’ll find me right at home being the translator between IT & Business: helping the business understand and manage complex software, and helping teams create value.

Expert for Hire

I’m a Tech Lead at Arcady, a Dutch IT Consultancy based in Zwolle. We are the guiding star for helping organisations with their journey in digital transformation. Reach out to us if you want to know how we can help you further!


Interested in hearing me speak at your (company) event? Check out my Sessionize page!

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